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It doesn’t seem like 3 months have passed since we tentatively dipped our toe into the social media pond. Savannah and I have enjoyed researching, writing and communicating with you about the blogs we’ve published to date. Like most things, we can improve what we do.

We envisioned that SAIFood could be a means of communicating technical information about agriculture and food to an inquiring public. We have tried to present a mix of information, some responding to issues that are currently in the mainstream media, with others based on academic articles that have recently been published. Success has varied, the A&W blog was a huge success and widely shared, while others have missed the mark a bit.

We hear from friends and family that sorting through all the information available on the Internet is difficult and time-consuming to do, especially regarding agriculture and food. We’ve received numerous comments about the value of providing fact-based informative blogs on topics of importance to those interested in agriculture and food. There are many topics we plan to address in coming blogs and we look forward to sharing this information with all of you.

Now this is where you come in. Tell us how we are doing. What would you like to see us blog about? Are there specific topics you would like to know more about? If so, drop us a line or comment and we will do our best to cover your suggestion in an upcoming a blog.

Thanks for your support so far, we hope we can continue to be a part of your weekly visits for an informative read around agriculture and food issues.

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