Nobel Laureates in support of GM crop innovation and humanitarian aid

Top Scientists Chastise Greenpeace

100+ Nobel Laureates call for an end to GM crop protesting The Nobel Prize was established upon the death of scientist and inventor, Alfred Nobel, first awarded in 1901. Each year the Nobel Prize is awarded to leading scientists and individuals within physics, chemistry, medicine, economics, literature and peace. On […]

Jury finds Greenpeace guilty

Guilty as Charged

Greenpeace convicted guilty of crimes against agriculture Regrettably, Greenpeace will not be held responsible by the courts for the false and misleading statements it has made about agriculture. While the federal courts might not be taking action against Greenpeace, my undergraduate Agricultural Policy class has brought Greenpeace to task on […]

Time for Environmental NGOs to Support Biotech

Cooperation is needed to reduce malnourishment, not protesting[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”15180628″][printfriendly]Environmental awareness is a growing issue for societies. The 2015 Paris Climate Conference highlighted the importance for national governments to take action on carbon and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to protect our planet, population and environment. Climate changes over the coming […]

Environmental Colonialism

How environmental activists work to keep the poor, poor. Environmental non-governmental organizations (eNGOs) loudly proclaim biotechnology and genetically modified (GM) crops provide no benefits. These eNGOs exhibit no moral conflict in proclaiming themselves the true stewards of land and nature, protectors of all that sustains humanity, while denying subsistence farmers […]


Newsweek Article – Stuart Smyth & Henry Miller March 28, 2019 Newsweek has published the opinion piece “Monsanto, Roundup and Cancer: Cutting chemicals from agriculture is a cost we can’t et afford” by Stuart J. Smyth and Henry I Miller. Their article shares why they think we still need glyphosate […]