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SAIFood, making information digestible. Because research isn't written for the kitchen table, SAIFood breaks it down so you know what is happening within agricultural policy and research, agri-food innovation, regulation and sustainability.

One of the society’s greatest pressures is to find solutions to feeding the global population which is estimated to grow to 9 billion by 2050. To do so science has taken great endeavours offering agricultural innovations and sustainable research. While this research may be the future solution to a sustainable safe food supply, often such research gains negative attention. As researchers, we do not write for the consumer, but often for peers and journals. At SAIFood, our goal is to help our readers digest the facts behind such research so they can be informed about the food they eat and the policies which regulate them. Together as an informed society, we can promote sustainability.

Recent blog posts

Becoming Club Resistant Root in Western Canada

By: Justin Cay, University of Saskatchewan Student Canola is a large cash crop in Western Canada. While wheat and barley pay the bills, canola makes a profit. According to the Canola Council of Canada, canola contributes $26.7 billion to the Canadian economy annually, providing 250,000 jobs. Of that, $12.22 billion economic …

grass fed beef is it sustainable?

Grass-fed Beef; is it Sustainable?

By: Brayden Schmidt, University of Saskatchewan Student Grass fed beef is one of two ways to develop and finish beef cattle prior to slaughter, the other being fed on a mixed, grain and forage diet. The common talk about grass fed beef is what qualifies it to have the title …

organ transplant from another species

Has organ transplant science gone hog wild?

The need for organ transplants is growing at a rate that needs to be urgently addressed In 2016, 18 of every 100,000 Canadians needed an organ transplant. Of these 6,700 individuals, 260 died waiting for transplants, 409 withdrew from the list, 3,135 went into 2017 awaiting a transplant and 2,903 …