Opening the Carton on USMCA

By Jordan Schiewe, University of Saskatchewan Student Why the new trade deal has Canadian dairy producers concerned for the future After two long years and many negotiation rounds, on September 30, 2018, a new trade agreement named USMCA was born. USMCA stands for the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. This agreement is …

How Long is Something Novel?

Exploring when regulatory oversight is no longer required In Canada, new plant varieties are regulated based on the final product, not the process used to create the variety. For example, a herbicide-tolerant canola variety is regulated based on the traits that make the new variety novel, not the breeding process …

Holy Healthy Houseplant Batman!

Being indoors doesn’t mean you’re safe from air pollution. Canadian’s spending 90% of their time indoor, which means indoor air quality should be a growing concern for us Canadian. Being indoors so much exposes ourselves to volatile organic carcinogens (VOCs) like chloroform and benzene, which can have negative effects on our health. Research has recently genetically modified an ivy plant to help reduce such VOC exposure, yet its a long way from being your future houseplant.

Would you like vanilla with that?

If you haven’t noticed vanilla is everywhere & in everything. Since the 19th century, vanilla transitioned from a rare and exotic flavour profile to a staple of modern food and fragrances. With our growing demand and limited production, the future of vanilla from vanilla is becoming more and more questionable. In the future, will we be able to continue our gluttonous use of vanilla?

The Plague of Clubroot on Canola Farmers

By Spencer Truscott, UofS Student I have grown up around grain farming all my life and there is nothing more disheartening than seeing your crop doing poorly and having no ability to change it. I am not talking about the effects of weather but the possible problem you could have …