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SAIFood, making information digestible. Because research isn’t written for the kitchen table, SAIFood breaks down what’s happening within agricultural policy and research, agri-food innovation, regulation and sustainability through weekly blogs. Our goal at SAIFood is to keep you up to date and curious to know more about sustainable agriculture, innovations and food.

Often the news of research on the topics of sustainable agriculture, innovations and food is lost in academic journals and is not available to the public who they affect. Even if it is available, it is often written not with the public in mind, but for like-minded academics. At SAIFood, our goal is first to make this information available, and secondly to help our readers digest the facts behind such research so they can be informed about the food they eat and the policies which regulate them. Together as an informed society, we can promote sustainability.

In 2015, SAIFood was launched by Dr. Stuart Smyth to help connect consumers with research in agriculture, as a part of his Chair position at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Smyth has a passion for connecting with producers and consumers, which has influenced his direction of research on agricultural policy. Given his interests in connecting with the public and seeing the noticeable disconnect between research and those it affects, Dr. Smyth launched SAIFood as his efforts to help correct this gap. Since those first blogs, Dr. Smyth has been putting out weekly blogs on multiple topics and featuring guest blogs from students, academic peers, and his research team which include Savannah, Chelsea, and Rim.

If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Smyth, be sure to check out his author page, or his University of Saskatchewan page, where you can learn more about his research.

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