The Buzz on Bees
The Buzz on Bees


  1. Fred Hayek

    Last sentence is completely biased and should be removed. You are looking as bad as those you attack.

    1. Hi Fred,

      I think you are confusing the nature of this blog as we are not attacking anyone, simply explaining how common agriculture application of chemicals is not having an impact on bee populations. Environmental groups have continued to argue in the face of growing evidence to the contrary that all chemicals should be banned from agriculture, even though chemicals are a standard part of organic crop production practices. Environmental groups support science when they advocate for climate change policies, yet they reject the same science when it indicates that chemical use doesn’t affect bees. Environmental groups can’t have it both ways. If they accept science that calls for climate change policy, then they have to accept the science behind the safe use of chemicals. If environmental groups choose to ignore the science on the safe use of chemicals not impacting bees, then as a research academic, I’m left with only one hypothesis as to why they would choose to do this and that is to increase their political power.

      Thanks for you comment.


      1. Matthew V

        Thank you for your blog. I am vehemently in favor of environmental protection. I am also a believer in science. For years, I have blindly accepted claims that GMOs and newer pesticides are harming the ecosystem. Recently, feeling frustrated with what seems to be increasing ideological polarization, I have started to take a fresh look at some of these issues because my biases are part of the problem, too. Facts should guide us, not fears.

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