Producer Day, Join us July 10
Producer Day, Join us July 10

Producer Day, Join us July 10

IFMA24 Congress: Building Resilience in Saskatchewan Agriculture

For those of you who do not know, the International Farm Management Association (IFMA24) Congress is being hosted this year at the University of Saskatchewan where producers, farm managers, and academics from around the world gather for a week oIFMA24 f tours and presentations. This year the IFMA crew is having a Producer Day on Wednesday, July 10th to focus on issues of interest to Saskatchewan producers. During this session, speakers will delve into farm and business strategies as well as personal resilience, offering valuable insights and networking opportunities for agricultural enthusiasts.

What to Expect

We would love to see producers from Saskatchewan and our neighbouring provinces join us for the Congress. While the IFMA24 Congress promises a week of engaging sessions, discussions, and networking opportunities, it may be difficult to leave your work and join for the full week, particularly in July. That is why they are hosting a special day geared towards our #SaskAg producers. The focus on, Wednesday, July 10th will be on building resilient farm businesses and families, sharing strategies and perspectives to navigate the challenges of modern agriculture, and connecting with farm management enthusiasts from around the world who share your passion for agriculture.

Several Esteemed Speakers are presenting during the Producer Day, with each bringing unique insights and expertise to the table.

Resilient Farm Businesses

The morning’s first session is on Resilient Farm Businesses featuring four Saskatchewan producers representing a different segment of our industry and at different stages in their businesses.

Barb Stefanyshyn-Cote is a fifth-generation farmer and co-founder of Black Fox Farm and Distillery, a renowned craft distillery located in Saskatchewan, Canada. Alongside her husband John, Barb has earned global acclaim for their innovative approach to agriculture and their commitment to excellence. Barb will share invaluable insights gleaned from her experiences in the agricultural industry.

Jake Leguee is a dynamic third-generation farmer hailing from Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, where he grows crops alongside his family. He’s known for his advocacy work, regularly writing for his blog, “A Year in the Life of a Farmer,” and speaking at events. In 2023, Jake and his farm’s management team were honoured as Saskatchewan’s Outstanding Young Farmer. He’s also a director and vice-chair of the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, championing Canadian wheat research. His optimism about agriculture’s future and active involvement in global agricultural networks make him a respected leader in the industry.

Melanie Boldt, co-owner of Pine View Farms in Osler, SK, has spent 26 years cultivating the market for locally grown, branded All Natural Meat products in Saskatchewan. Through fostering trust-based relationships with farmers, processors, chefs, retailers, and consumers, Melanie has played a pivotal role in marketing and sales, championing the Pine View Farms brand and storytelling around food. Now, she and her husband Kevin are pivoting, as they exit the market, Melanie is sharing her practical advice for adapting to changing market dynamics.

Duane Thompson, along with his wife and adult children owns and operates Tee Two Land & Cattle Co in the Parkland Region near Kelliher, SK. For over a hundred years, this family has been raising cattle and growing grain in the Kelliher area, in which they have had a focus on the people and the land around them.  Duane will provide multigenerational farm perspectives, highlighting the importance of continuity and adaptation in family-run farms.

Resilient Farm Families

As producers, you know that it isn’t easy doing what you do, nor is it as ‘simple’ life for your family as the outside world thinks farming is. The second session of Wednesday features three different stories of Resilient Farm Families.

Jack Cocks is an experienced sheep and beef farmer in New Zealand. After getting his Masters in Agricultural Economics from the University of Illinois, he returned back home to farm. However, life’s plans didn’t go to plan just as he had thought as he faced health challenges. But he carries on and today he regularly speaks to farmers, businesses, and student groups about farmer resilience and well-being. His interest in farmer wellbeing developed from a health challenge he faced. He is speaking about ‘How Resilient Farmers Thrive in the Face of Adversity’.

Megz Reynolds is the Executive Director of The Do More Agriculture Foundation. She has firsthand experience in the industry as a former grain farmer. Through grassroots advocacy and policy work, Megz has been part of creating change at a provincial, federal and global level, always with a focus on the mental health of producers and the industry as a whole. Megz will focus on mental health in farming communities, shedding light on an often overlooked aspect of agricultural well-being.

Bob Wilkie is a name many of you may be familiar with. Now the President of I Got Mind Inc., Bob is a former NHL player and was a part of the infamous Swift Current Broncos Bus Crash that took the lives of four of his teammates. Bob has lived a rich and challenging life, both on the ice and off. His talk will inspire attendees with his life journey, emphasizing the importance of mental resilience and well-being in achieving personal and professional success.

Producer Discount Code: SASKAGDAY

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, network, and grow alongside your fellow producers. For those interested, you can use the code “SASKAGDAY” to secure your spot at IFMA24. Registration for the day with the code is $125, or opt for the full experience with supper at the Western Development Museum for $175. It’s a chance to gain valuable insights, connect with industry, and contribute to the resilience and sustainability of Saskatchewan’s agriculture sector.

Join us at IFMA24 and be part of the conversation shaping the future of agriculture in Saskatchewan and beyond!

Saskatchewan Producer Day hosted by IFMA24 July 10, 2024