Sunnier Summertime Days Ahead
Sunnier Summertime Days Ahead

Sunnier Summertime Days Ahead

The summer of 2020 is going to be unlike any other. Our favourite events have been postponed, if not outright cancelled, and international holiday destinations have been scrubbed. Events that span sports, music, business, food, arts and culture have all been impacted. As economic restrictions begin to be eased in many jurisdictions, some routine summer activities, such as going to the beach, camping or taking kids to a playground, are returning, yet many others will be missing from a typical summer routine.

While we’ve all had more than our fair share of pessimistic news of late, there are ample examples of optimism. First off, it’s summer, which in Canada, typically means no snow and this is a good thing. Second, many people have been doing more home cooking and now there is a chance to impress friends and family with new food creations. Third, summer brings an abundance of local fresh fruits and vegetables. There is always something about being outdoors, whether its recreation or dining that improves one’s spirits.

With campus closed and courses to be online this fall, my summer plans include converting lectures to be deliverable in a new format. This promises to be an interesting challenge. There are numerous options for online education and I’m looking forward to learning some new techniques and tools, that will hopefully provide the students with the information and knowledge the course is designed to provide.

SAIFood will be taking a break from publishing new blogs over the summer. However, we’ll be back with fresh ideas, information and insights in September. Until then, I hope to hear from you all over the summer about content you are wanting more information on, shoot me a tweet at @stuartsmytt66 or @SAIFood_blog and it will be added to our list of ideas for the fall.

My staff and I would like to wish everyone a safe and great summer. We are looking forward to seeing you again in the fall.

Also this summer we would love to see how you’re making the best of your pandemic summer. We would love to see you share photos, recipes, and details of how your making the best of your COVID summer on Twitter using the hashtag