Truth of Non-GMO Label Advertising
Truth of Non-GMO Label Advertising

Truth of Non-GMO Label Advertising

How Science is Winning Consumers Back

Non-GMO Project tides have turned #freethebutterflyFor those that live near the oceans, they know that the tide can only go in one direction for so long, before making the turn back. The same can be said for many things in society, as is witnessed by certain crazes such as beanie babies or fidget spinner, soon too will the tide turn on taking selfies and slime. Crazes or fads are common in our social activities, and we see them occurring in the products we purchase, and some of us may remember trying to buy that one certain children’s gift at Christmas having to go to numerous stores before being successful. This same craze situation has always has its place in the labeling of food products. Currently, a certain butterfly label is riding the tide of consumers, but how far is that tide from shore?

Getting beached

Verified Non-GMO Project’s labeling fads has recently suffered a tremendous blow to its self-inflated prestige. In May, over the span of a week, two large food companies stuck pins into the Non-GMO Project’s balloon! On May 16th, Betty Crocker Foods tweeted the following tweet, boldly stating that “GMOs are safe”, which has been verified by the World Health Organization and the United States Food and Drug Agency.

Truth of Non-GMO Label Advertising 1A mere 6 days later, on May 22nd, another hit to the Non-GMO Project came when Clover Leaf Seafood announced they would be removing the Verified Non-GMO Project’s label from their canned tuna. It looks like the seafood company saw the tide about to turn and didn’t want to get beached ashore with the butterfly label.

To have two publically recognized and trusted food brands publicly dismiss the Non-GMO Project’s labelling gimmick in the span of less than a week, certainly is indicative of the tide beginning to turn.

It’s time to Free the Butterfly

The Verified Non-GMO Project has never been able to claim or prove that the addition of their label makes the food products with their label any safer. The Canadian regulatory agency responsible for food safety essentially has publicly state that the Verified Non-GMO Project’s label is simply a marketing scam. The lead regulatory agency in one of the two countries the Non-GMO Project operates announced that the inclusion of their butterfly logo is simply a consumer marketing fad, as there is absolutely no ability of the label to indicate a product is any safer because of the logo.

The tide is turning and this is indeed good news for all of us consumers. I’m a fan of nature and the multitude of flowers that exist in it, and that’s where the butterflies belong, not on food labels.Truth of Non-GMO Label Advertising 2