25 years of GM crop production

Twenty-Five Years of GM Crop Benefits

While it’s the silver anniversary, GM crops have been golden A summary of the economic, environmental and human health benefits 1994 is generally regarded as the first year of genetically modified crop production, the first being the GM Flavr Savr tomato in the USA. The crops that will be planted in […]

How long is something novel? - Novel Plants

How Long is Something Novel?

Exploring when regulatory oversight is no longer required In Canada, new plant varieties are regulated based on the final product, not the process used to create the variety. For example, a herbicide-tolerant canola variety is regulated based on the traits that make the new variety novel, not the breeding process […]

gene editing of plants

The Dawning of a New Era in Plant Breeding

Gene Editing and Plant Biotechnology Gene editing technologies have emerged from the broader field of agricultural biotechnology, sometimes referred to as the gene revolution of agriculture. Gene editing allows for single gene-specific mutation, while standard mutagenic breeding resulted in tens of thousands of gene mutations. Mutagenesis has been used in […]

Measuring the Success of GM Crops

Are peak benefits of early GM varieties still to come? In recent years there has been considerable discussion about the perceived lack of benefits from genetically modified (GM) crops. Last month this was highlighted in a New York Times (NYT) article on the ‘lack’ of GM crop yield increases and non-declining […]