Biodegrading of hemp plastic

Single-Use Plastics: Is Hemp The Future?

By Carrie Rode, University of Saskatchewan Student Change of views With the push to become more sustainable, society has brought forward the issue of single-use plastics. Single-use plastics are items that are used only once and then are discarded; they include straws, bags, bottles, food packaging and more. In Canada Read more…

Global Biotech of Crops

Agricultural biotech may still be relatively small globally, but it is mighty Biotech, we hear about it frequently, but what really is it? The Webster Dictionary defines biotechnology as the manipulation of living organisms (or component one) to produce a new product (often for commercial uses). There are different streams Read more…

Holy healthy houseplant batman - GM plants

Holy Healthy Houseplant Batman!

Being indoors doesn’t mean you’re safe from air pollution. Canadian’s spending 90% of their time indoor, which means indoor air quality should be a growing concern for us Canadian. Being indoors so much exposes ourselves to volatile organic carcinogens (VOCs) like chloroform and benzene, which can have negative effects on our health. Research has recently genetically modified an ivy plant to help reduce such VOC exposure, yet its a long way from being your future houseplant.

Environment versus Agriculture

The conflict for eNGOs The production of food has environmental impacts, there is no way around this. For food crops, like grains, vegetables or fruits, one has to disturb the natural environment in order to get from planting to harvest. One simply can’t walk into a naturally grassy area, stick Read more…