Holy healthy houseplant batman - GM plants

Holy Healthy Houseplant Batman!

Being indoors doesn’t mean you’re safe from air pollution. Canadian’s spending 90% of their time indoor, which means indoor air quality should be a growing concern for us Canadian. Being indoors so much exposes ourselves to volatile organic carcinogens (VOCs) like chloroform and benzene, which can have negative effects on our health. Research has recently genetically modified an ivy plant to help reduce such VOC exposure, yet its a long way from being your future houseplant.

The evolution of plant breeding from punnet squares to precision

Evolution of Plant Breeding

Moving from random, untargeted mutagenesis to specific, targeted mutagenesis Humans have been breeding plants for millennia. Our ancestors began to domesticate plants (and animals) at least 10,000 years ago, allowing nomadic tribes to become stationary and form communities as they no longer had to pursue their food. Only in the Read more…

The Politics of Food Safety

How foreign governments & eNGOs are playing politics over a handful of GM wheat kernels In mid-June 2018, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) reported that a few GM wheat plants had been detected in southern Alberta, amounting to no more than a handful of seeds. Using Canada’s science-based risk Read more…

gene editing of plants

The Dawning of a New Era in Plant Breeding

Gene Editing and Plant Biotechnology Gene editing technologies have emerged from the broader field of agricultural biotechnology, sometimes referred to as the gene revolution of agriculture. Gene editing allows for single gene-specific mutation, while standard mutagenic breeding resulted in tens of thousands of gene mutations. Mutagenesis has been used in Read more…

Stonyfield Farms uses organic label to reject science

Organic Label Stonyfield Farms Rejects Science

Manipulative marketing campaign cast doubts about government risk assessments Two weeks ago, Stonyfield Farms launched a marketing campaign that champions lies and misperceptions surrounding food, its safety and the experts that determine food safety. If you haven’t seen the ad, kids are provided with scripts loaded with false statements about Read more…